The health sector has always been in a shambles in Pakistan. The government of Pakistan Awami Tehreek will allocate 5% of total budget for health and the following steps will be taken to improve health standards of the citizens:

National Health Service will be set up at the national level, which will ensure the provision of basic facilities of health to every citizen and will devise a mechanism for better performance in accordance with the international standards in health. The following steps will be taken under this organization:

  • The factors like poverty, ignorance, unchecked population, environmental pollution, non-availability of clean water, faulty sanitary system and adulteration in food have impacted very adversely on the health of people. Our government will address all causes, which are responsible for deterioration in the health field through the co-ordinated efforts of different related departments.
  • The facility of free medical treatment will be provided to the people with less than Rs. 5000 income.
  • Emergencies health centers will be established in different areas where people will have the facility of getting the first aid help in the case of any emergency or accident.

There will be a ban on the practice of quacks who play havoc with the lives of the people.

  • The system of National Health Insurance will be put into effect for the immediate provision of medical facilities to the public at the official level.
  • Strict punitive laws will be enacted against those who adulterate in the food and medicines.
  • No medical University exits in the country at the moment. A medical university will be set up to promote the medical education in accordance with the international standards.
  • Psychotherapy centers will be established for the treatment of psychological and addicted patients.
  • The environment will be created in accordance with the principles of health care.
  • The production and heinous business of narcotics will be strictly dismantled and punitive punishments will be meted out to those involved in it.
  • The rural incentive program will be started to make practice attractive in the villages so that the doctors could be able to serve in the villages as well as in the cities.

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