Poverty Alleviation

The eradication of poverty is one of the main priorities of Pakistan Awami Tehreek. The policy of PAT would be to eradicate poverty and not to target the poor as has been done by the previous governments. The following steps will be taken for this purpose:

  • The people will be provided with basic facilities of life and equal jobs opportunities for the purpose of realizing their potential and enabling them to earn their livelihood on equal footings.
  • Micro-financing societies will be established at the level of every union councils, tehsil and district to provide employment to the womenfolk at the lower level. Loans on easy installments will be made available to them for this purpose. The helpless women will be given money on subsidy. Thus the women will earn their living in their homes.

The government of Pakistan Awami Tehreek will enforce economic prosperity program for the provision of affordable living to the poor masses. According to this program:

  • The devaluation of rupee and inflation will be banned.
  • Pakistan Awami Tehreek will make labourers the shareholders in the mills and factories. Every industrial factory and mill will necessarily have a minimum number of shares of the workers, clerks and labourers.
  • A part of the total profit of the factory will be distributed among the workers.
  • The facilities provided by the Factory Act will also be made available to the private labourers.
  • The Workers Security Ministry will be set up.
  • The forced labour of children and women would be banned.
  • Poverty Alleviation Fund with 100 billion rupees annually will come into being.
  • The cheaper and affordable living will be provided to those with less than Rs. 5000 income.

Poverty Reduction program for the workers and labourers

Our government will take following steps for the economic stability of the workers and labourers embodying the essential principles of strong economic foundations of the country.

  • Our government will focus on making labourers and workers the shareholders in the mills and factories under the Employ Share Ownership Plan and determination of a certain number of shares in every factory and mill will be made obligatory.
  • The minimum monthly salary of the labourers and the workers will be Rs. 5000.
  • It will be the responsibility of the state to provide basic necessities of life to the labourers of all factories.
  • The indexation of salaries will be made for the 100% increase in the income of the labourers and workers so that their salaries and pays may get increased automatically as against the proportion of dearness and inflation.
  • The exploitative system of the forced labour of women and children will be rooted out.
  • The steps for the training of the manpower would be taken enabling every person to boost economic activities through his involvement at the private level.


There is a conspicuous disagreement between the ratio of increase in population and the provision of the jobs opportunities. The end result is that the ratio of the unemployment has gone to the dangerous levels. Pakistan Awami Tehreek will undertake the following steps with the collaboration of private sector to provide job opportunities to the unemployed youth:

  • Loans ranging from Rs. 10,000 to 10,000,00 will be given to the trained but jobless youth under the self-employment scheme. In addition to this, the government will launch national economic plans in housing, electricity, irrigation, trade, agriculture and industry etc. This step will give jobs to the thousands of youth and national revenue will also be generated.

Our government intends to embark upon a five-year plan for the eradication of joblessness. According to this plan, the jobs will be provided to the 50 lakhs people in the following fields.

  • Unemployment allowance will be given to the jobless youth in accordance with the need or education until they get their jobs.

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